Titanium Flanges
We provide many kinds of titanium flanges with different sizes and can produce titanium flanges according to your requirements. Contact us now!.
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Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd can produce a variety of

titanium flanges

, such as titanium blind flanges, slip-on flange, lap joint flanges.

Titanium flanges belong to coupler and are used in pipeline, valves,  petrochemical equipments and other equipments.

Titanium flanges are connecting parts to connect pipe to pipe. Titanium flanges are made of non-ferrous metal titanium or titanium alloys. Titanium flanges join the end of pipes. There are eyelets on the titanium flanges. Screw bolts closely join two titanium flanges.

Between two titanium flanges, there is interleaver to seal up the two titanium flanges.

Titanium flanges joint is composed of two titanium flanges, one filler piece and several bolts and screws. 

You will find titanium flanges you need in our diversity of titanium flanges.
Titanium flanges can be used in cars, medical equipment and petrochemical equipment. Lap joint flanges are mainly used in piping systems requiring frequent dismantling for inspection and cleaning.
When manufacturing titanium flanges, other metals are added to titanium to enhance titanium flanges strength. Our titanium flanges manufactured by high technology are robust in construction, long service life in usage and has reasonable price.
We have been dealing in refractory metals for more than 22 years and you can rest assured our titanium flanges and professional service.
We provide many sizes of titanium flanges and can produce titanium flanges according to your requirements.