Advantage and recognition of pure titanium glasses frame

Titanium has good corrosion resistance, and it is similar to platinum with excellent mechanical performance, light texture. What's more, its unit weight is only 48% of common metal, so titanium is an ideal material for glasses frame. Though titanium  has light, elastic, corrosion resistance and other advantages, production cost of  titanium and titanium alloy glasses is higher, there is special high demand on the process in cutting, stamping, welding and electroplating (such as: welding must be done in a vacuum), so the price is more expensive.
With the development and processing of titanium material increasingly mature, the market has appeared pure titanium, B titanium, memory titanium and other glasses frames based on titanium. Among them, the frame purity of pure titanium material must achieve 99.9% (not including gaskets, screws, stipules and leg sleeve), whose logo is called PURETITANIUM, or Ti-P for short etc. But individual company droved by interests also makes these logos for some non pure titanium or titanium alloy materials. In addition, the identification ability of the vast number of consumers to pure titanium frame is insufficient, so the frames rust, skin allergy phenomenon appeared on consumer wearing titanium frame, the interests of the majority of consumers are damaged. Today, we will introduce several simple identification methods of pure titanium frames to you.
1. Using hands to weight, usually the proportion of alloy frame is about 8.9g/cm3, and the proportion of pure titanium frame is about 4.5g/cm3. Because the weight of titanium material is equivalent to half of alloy frame, you will feel lighter with hands. This is one of the simplest methods to distinguish the titanium frame and non titanium frame.
2.Observe the nose support stems and nose stipule bucket welding point, welding of pure titanium material is vacuum anaerobic butt welding, the welding mark is "steps" shape, welding of alloy materials is spot welding, and the welding marks is "slope" shape. This is one of the effective methods to distinguish the titanium frame and non titanium frame.
3. Observe whether there are gaskets in the hinge binding, titanium and titanium can't direct contact in the hinge region of pure titanium glasses frames. Or, it is easy to appear wrinkles in the hinge region, and the unsmooth glasses leg. Usually two thin gaskets are set in the hinge of pure titanium frame, so the hinges of upper and the lower will be apart. Therefore, check whether the gasket is in the hinges, which is also a good way to identify whether it is the pure titanium frames.
4. Making the magnet as a magnetic generator, and making the glasses frame hinge loose as far as possible. In free moving situation, use the magnet to attract, if the glass leg is sloshing in the attraction of magnets, in this case, this frame is not pure titanium material, whereas the frame may be a pure titanium frame.
Some sellers said the pure titanium frame to be the picture frame and frame are all pure titanium, and they will increase price. The customers are often easily fooled. Therefore, in order to avoid being cheated when you purchase, you must recognize the mark carefully.