Titanium bar in sports equipment

Application of titanium in the sports equipment, from the earliest tennis racket, badminton racket to the golf head, handle and a racing car which are widely used in  recent years, so that the appreciate on the titanium of people puts a step forward.
1. The titanizing of racket
Like the tennis racket, taking the badminton racket which can control the metal racket, but also has the wooden racket’s feeling as policy. What’s more, it opens the badminton racket of framework with pure titanium, long handle made by titanium alloy (Ti 3Al 2.5V), and it has been commercialized.
2. "Titanium bicycle" is sold out
Bicycle is driven by manpower, so it needs very concise, in addition, we consider the races speed on the car, if the car's weight is decreased 1 gram, we can win the time of 1/1000 seconds. The same as usual bicycle needs operate 36 root pieces, while the titanium bicycle just needs 24 pieces. In this case, it not only reduces the weight, but also eliminated the wind resistance. The manipulating of titanium and titanium alloy should firstly start from the parts, Italian Campagnolo company has controlled of titanium and titanium alloy manufacturing for collecting with a variety of parts, bicycle: by a pin, the left-handed nut without pin, crank shaft, front and rear hub shaft, at the mercy of the pedal shaft and other packaging machine transmission.
The bicycle frame is produced by titanium in USA Litespeed Company, the average weights of these frames are 2.5 pounds, and each car costs $2800. Titanium frame is lighter, safer and longer service life than chromium molybdenum alloy frame. In the past 4 years, the property of pure titanium tube and non aviation use Ti - 3Al - 2.5V (activity level) frame made of titanium alloy is very popular, the price of each pair is 1600 to 3500 U.S. dollars, the whole bike cost $2400 to $6000. There are now nearly 50 companies are producing titanium bicycles. American has already been the producing country and consumption country of titanium bicycle. Now Bicycle activity is carried out commonly in the whole world. What’s more, the titanium bicycle can meet the requirements of high-grade bicycle activity, so the sales of titanium bicycle also increased slowly.
3. The race car of titanium plate is environmental protection and energy saving
Because titanium has a wonderful physical and mechanical performance, it has been used in the singular activity type car. Application of titanium in the automobile industry can greatly reduce the vehicle weight, reducing fuel consumption, protect the environment and reduce the noise. Characteristics of titanium have been won good emergence in the race car.
Almost all the metal parts on the automobile can be made by titanium and titanium alloys, such as bolts, connecting rod, a rocker, a buffer after stent, exhaust pipe, air return pipe, valve, valve spring, brake, transmission parts etc... In addition, titanium material can also be used for the situation painting, and has been used in the survey of the brake plate refresh function, which ensures that the brake light board, long life. The operating life of the valve spring and rod of titanium automobile can extended.