The application of titanium alloy in satellite control system

The satellite control system is to control the flight orbit and attitude of satellite in space, so it is called the satellite brain. In this system, titanium alloy is also adopted.
(1)Titanium alloy cylinder
The application of titanium alloy cylinder in Satellite Engineering is earlier, because this kind of cylinder belongs to the high pressure vessel, so the requirements of the material is high. The materials must have high strength and high toughness, what's more, the material inclusion and other defects also require a strict control.
(2) Titanium tube used in actuator
The executive mechanism titanium tube is a catheter which used for delivering fuel to satellite attitude control engine. The materials not only must meet the corrosion requirement to fuel medium, but also requires the air tightness of pipe is better, there aren't pinhole porosity and inclusion. Especially the requirements of the inner surface of pipe are more stringent, cracks, pits and other defects are not allowed, and the surface scratch shall not be greater than 0.03mm. If the inner surface is not smooth, as long as there are the residual 0.05mm shell size and other dust particles, it may cause the accidents of the pipeline blockage.
(3)Titanium steel composite self-locking valve
Self locking valve of large capacity communication satellite control system requires the material must have good shear strength, fatigue, impact toughness. In addition, it also requests the air tightness and good corrosion resistance of the seam. In view of this situation, titanium is chose as the stainless steel explosive composite material in design, but it still needs to solve the connection problem of dissimilar metals.
We believe that in the near future, with the continuous improvement and development of titanium smelting technology, titanium, titanium alloys and titanium compounds would be greatly developed.
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