Some advice about the welding of titanium plate

The density of titanium plate is 4.5, and the color is basically same as the stainless steel plate. At present, conventional size of titanium plate produced in domestic is 2 meters long, 1 meter wide.
I. The surface requirements of titanium plate welding
1. Without oxide skin;
2. Without crack;
3. The thickness between the mutual welding can't more than 3 mm.
II. The environment requirements of titanium plate welding;
1. The temperature of welding room should between 5-30 ℃;
2. The welding room must be clean, no dust, and keep dry environment;
3. The protection cover is made of titanium plate as much as possible.
III.The welding wire about titanium plate welding
1. The welding wire requires that the surface must be cleaned by acid;
2. The welding wire should without crack and oxidation, and it is best to use the same blank material as parent material.
IV. Argon protection requirements of titanium alloy welding
1. There must be three protection layers in the welding process, namely, the upper, lower and welding torch with argon.
2 .The upper and lower protection staffs should follow the image area of welding torch, to ensure the protection of argon under the welding high temperature, and prevent oxidation.
3. In general the purity of argon is 99%.