New progress of titanium alloy

In recent years, many countries are developing new titanium alloy with low cost and high performance, and strive to make titanium alloy into the civil industry field with tremendous market potential. New progress in the study of titanium alloy materials in China mainly reflected in the following aspects:
(1) Titanium alloy with high temperature.
The world's first successful development of high-temperature titanium alloy is Ti-6Al-4V, the use temperature is 300-350℃. Subsequently developed the  IMI550、BT3-1 alloy with  using the temperature of 400 ℃, and the use temperature of 450~500 ℃ for IMI679, IMI685, Ti-6246, Ti-6242 alloy. The new type of high temperature titanium alloy which has been used in the engines of military and civil aircraft has UK's IMI829, IMI834 alloy; America's Ti-1100 alloy; Russia's BT18Y, BT36 alloy.
In recent years, foreign country always take the rapid solidified or powder metallurgy technology, the development of titanium alloy composite material with  fiber or particle as the direction of development of high temperature titanium alloy, allowing the use of temperature of titanium alloy can be increased to more than 650 ℃. USA McDonnell successfully developed a kind of titanium alloy with high purity and high density with the rapid solidified or powder metallurgy technology, under the temperature of 760 ℃, the intensity is equivalent to the intensity of titanium alloy at room temperature.
(2) Titanium alloy based on titanium aluminum compound.
Compared with the general titanium alloy, the biggest advantage of  titanium and aluminum compound based sodium Ti3Al (alpha 2) and TiAl (gamma) is good high temperature performance (the highest use temperature is respectively 816 and 982 ℃), strong oxidation resistance, creep resistance and light weight (density is only  1/2 of nickel high temperature alloy ), these advantages make it become the most competitive materials of the aviation engine and aircraft structure parts in the future.
At present, there have been two kinds of titanium alloy of Ti-21Nb-14Al and Ti-24Al-14Nb-#v-0.5Mo based on Ti3Al began to have mass production in America. Other titanium alloy based on Ti3Al has  Ti-24Al-11Nb, Ti3Al Ti25Al-17Nb-1Mo and Ti-25Al-10Nb-3V-1Mo. TiAl (gamma) composition range titanium alloy based concern for Ti- (46-52) Al- (1-10) M (at.%), where M is at least one element of V, Cr, Mn, Nb, Mn, Mo and W in the. Recently, titanium alloy based TiAl3 began to draw attention, such as the Ti-65Al-10Ni alloy.