Titanium zinc plate with environmental protection building materials

In recent years, titanium zinc plate as a kind of advanced metal alloy plate is widely used in the architecture field, and shows wide application prospects. Titanium zinc plate is a zinc copper titanium alloy plate, zinc is the main, and a small amount of copper and titanium is also added, the titanium content is in 0.06% ~ 0.20%. The addition of titanium can improve the anti deformation ability of the alloy, so that the  strength of the metal can't be weakened after the heat expansion and cold contraction, what's more, the corrosion resistance and other properties of materials can be improved. The outstanding advantages of titanium zinc plate as a building material are as follows:
(1) Environmental protection.
Titanium zinc plate can be 100% recycled by melted again, and it can't resolve and emit the harmful substances, so it doesn't pollute the environment. However, other metals exposed to pollutants are erosion or corrosion, leakage out of metal ions, and then go into the groundwater, and the environmental problems will come.
(2)Long service life
Titanium zinc plate with excellent corrosion resistance and wear resist, the corrosion rate is about 1 micron /year, the average service life is 70 to 100 years depending on different environments, and this suggests that it is permanent along with the construction life.
(3) Easy maintenance management.
Zinc titanium plate not only has long life, but also has low maintenance. Zinc plate doesn't have the surface coating. With time going on, it also doesn't like other materials that need to repair for coating shedding. In fact, titanium and zinc can continuously form a protective layer in the air, and they all have the self repair function to scratch and defects on the surface.
(4) Excellent color and texture
Natural light grey zinc titanium plate with special luster, this is different from the color of artificial painting, and it shows an excellent natural texture. Moreover, it can keep the building exterior appearance effect from the decoration completed until after several years use. In addition, titanium zinc plate easily has a natural match with other building exterior materials (such as marble, masonry and glass exterior etc.).
At present, 85% of the roof is made of the titanium zinc material in Paris of French. Titanium zinc roof has become the symbol of modern Paris. In America, Australia and Asia, from private homes to public buildings, the titanium zinc plate can be seen in airports, opera, exhibition center, stadium and museum etc.