Titanium Metal Container

Unlike ferritic steel, titanium metal does not have low temperature brittleness. Therefore, titanium metal can be used to produce low-temperature containers which are able to be applied in -269℃.

The fact is that austenite stainless steel, aluminium and copper can also be applied as low-temperature container and they are cheaper than titanium. Thus, actually titanium is seldom used for low-temperature fixed vessel. In aviation and aerospace, titanium can be used as mobile low-temperature vessel, which mainly takes advantage of the characteristics of titanium like high specific strength and light weight.

In the sea water, salt solution and other medium which contain chlorine, corrosion resistance of carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum are all not good. However, titanium has unique and  exceptional corrosion resistance. About 50% of the titanium containers are used in medium which contains chlorine corrosion.

Titanium containers should avoid being used in such medium like carbinol, ethylene trichloride, carbon tetrachloride and others.

In China, more than 90% of titanium is used in civilian industries, of which, about 3/4 of titanium is applied to produce container (including heat exchanger). So titanium containers play a decisive role in the titanium industry.

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