The high temperature range that titanium alloy rod can withstand

High temperature titanium alloy rods are mainly Tilloo, IMI834, Ti6242, BT20, etc., which mainly used for aircraft engine structural parts to meet the special requirements of high temperature creep and high temperature strength, the using temperature of Till00 and IMI834 can be up to 600 degrees.

In order to improve the temperature of the titanium alloy bar and reduce the weight of the material, the intermetallic compound of Ti Al system has been paid much attention. Due to the difficulties in forging, casting is more suitable for the formation of titanium and aluminum, at present, a large number of engine parts are prepared or are using titanium aluminum alloy material to cast. GE, PwA, Rolls-Roycc, the world's leading engine manufacturer, has made a deep study of the A1 - Ti metal compounds, for example, American Howmet is studying the TiAl low-pressure turbine blade, which is used to replace the cast of Inco713 blades, the using temperature is 650 -700 degrees, GE is making the Ti48A12Cr2Nb use for the 80C - CF6 engine fifth - stage low-pressure turbine blades, the using temperature can be up to 760Y.