Titanium Wire Applications

Titanium wire is one of physical forms of titanium metal. In fact, as one of ductile metal, titanium has many kinds of forms, like titanium wire, titanium bar, titanium tube, titanium foil, etc..

Titanium alloys and titanium standard parts are widely applied in industrial areas.

Titanium wire produced by Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd is featured by high intensity, good heat intensity, good corrosion resistance and low temperature performance. Titanium has high strength. The intensity of some steels is higher than that of titanium alloy. However, the specific strength (ratio of the tensile strength to density) of titanium alloy is better than that of quality steel.

Titanium alloy has good heat resistant strength, low ductility, fracture toughness, so titanium alloy is usually used as aircraft engine parts, structural parts of rocket and guided missile. In addition, titanium alloy can also be used as storage tank of fuel and oxidizer and high pressure vessel.

Nowadays, people use titanium alloy to make automatic rifle, seat board of mine thrower and transmitting tube of recoilless resonance absorption. In petroleum industry, titanium alloy is mainly applied as varied containers, reactors, heat exchangers, distillation tower, pipeline, pump, valve and so on.

Titanium can also be used as condensator of electrodes and power station. Titanium can also be applied to produce environmental pollution control device.

In medical treatment, titanium can be used as artificial bones and various instruments. Titanium pigment is the good material for paints.

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