Titanium Bar in Medical Treatment

Why titanium bar can be used in medical treatment?

The applicability of titanium bar in medical treatment are reflected in the following areas:

(1) Titanium is featured by low density, so medical devices made from titanium bar are light and hardy, in addition, titanium medical devices have good comfortable feeling.

(2) Titanium has suitable intensity and high fatigue strength, which can meet the strength requirements of bone, joints, surgical instruments and rehabilitation equipments.

(3) Titanium bar is able to resist corrosion and has good chemical stability and titanium bar can resist the corrosion of body fluid, so titanium bar is suitably used for each part of the body.

(4) Titanium has good biocompatibility. Titanium is non-toxic: it can not cause inflammation and cancer.

(5) Titanium is characterized by excellent mechanical compatibility. The elastic modulus of titanium alloys can be reduced to 50 to 100GPa, which can reduce stress shielding. So titanium bar can be well matched with human bones.

(6) Titanium has low X ray absorptivity. In medical examination, titanium has good visuality of X ray.

(7) Titanium is featured by shape memory function, so titanium can be used as orthopaedic spinal rod, bone nail, internal fixator, poly hip device,  inner support and other applications.

(8) Titanium has super elasticity, so it is suitable to be used as orthopedic teeth wire, suture needle.

(9) In addition, titanium have good formability, so titanium is suitable to be made into titanium plate, titanium bar, titanium wire, titanium pipe, titanium special shaped products and others. 

With the development of our national economy and the improvement of the people's demands to quality of life, titanium applications in medical treatment will be more wide.

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