China's Titanium Metal Industry

China’s titanium metal industry has unlimited potential.

Under the direct care and leadership of party and government, China’s titanium metal industry was started in 1954. After 55 years of development, China’s titanium metal industry has made great improvement. China has become one of the world's titanium industrial powers.

China has established a complete titanium industrial system: titanium exploitation, titanium smelting, titanium machining, titanium applications and titanium scientific research. 

China has established a relatively complete titanium alloy system and titanium industrial standard system.

The capacity and output of sponge titanium have ranked the first in the world. In 2008, the total production of sponge titanium in China was 49,632 tons, accounting for about 28.7% of total world’s titanium sponge production.

In 2008, a total of titanium 27,737 tons titanium machined materials were produced in China, ranking the second in the world, accounting for about 21.4% of total world production.

In 2008, the total consumption of titanium machined materials in China was 24,068 tons, ranking the second in the world.

The industrial chain which treats titanium material, titanium pipe fittings production (titanium elbow, titanium triplet, titanium pipe reducer), chemical equipments as the integration has come into being.
In recent years, the domestic titanium enterprises rise abruptly, which shows a scene of prosperity. While, presenting the prosperity, at the same time, China’s titanium metal industry manifests many problems.

China’s titanium production capacity and quality of titanium products can not meet the growing needs of development. The reasons of these problems are independent R&D capability and innovation ability of titanium manufacturing enterprises are weak.

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