Titanium Alloy in China

Since 1956, China has began the study of titanium and titanium alloy; Since the mid-1960s, industrial production of titanium has begun in China. This article is about titanium alloy in China.

Compared with other metal materials, titanium alloy has the following advantages:

Titanium alloy has high specific strength (tensile strength / density). The tensile strength can reach 100 ~ 140kgf/mm2, however, the density of titanium alloy is only 60% of that of steel.

Titanium alloy is featured by good strength at moderate temperature. The operating temperature of titanium alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy. Titanium alloy can still maintain the required strength at moderate temperatures and can work at 450 ~ 500 ℃ for a long period of time.

Titanium alloy has good corrosion resistance. In the air, titanium is able to form a layer of uniform and compact oxide film, which makes titanium alloy have the ability to resist erosion of various medium. Usually, titanium has good corrosion resistance in oxidizing and neutral medium. The corrosion resistance of titanium alloy is extremely excellent in seawater, wet chlorine and oxide solution. But in the reducing medium, such as hydrochloric acid and other solutions, titanium alloy has poor corrosion resistance.

Titanium alloy is characterized by good low temperature performance. Some titanium alloy, such as TA7 can remain certain  plasticity at -253 ℃.

Titanium alloy has low modulus of elasticity, small thermal conductivity and is non ferromagnetic.

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