Titanium Alloy Seamless Pipe

Titanium alloy seamless pipe is made of titanium alloy materials and is featured by hollow section. There are no surrounding seams on titanium alloy seamless pipe. Titanium alloy seamless pipe is one kind of long tube.

Titanium alloy seamless pipe is firstly mainly used for making components of air-compressor and engine of airplanes, structure parts of rockets, missiles and aircraft.

From mid-1960, titanium alloy seamless pipe begun to be gradually used in electrode of electrolysis industry, condenser of power station, heat installation of petroleum refining and seawater desalination. Titanium alloy seamless pipe is also able to applied in environmental pollution control devices and other general industrial manufacturing fields.

TA1, TA2, TA3 are all industrially pure titanium. They have high mechanical properties, excellent stamping performance and they can be welded in various forms. The strength of welded joints can be as high as 90% of that of base metal, and they have good cutting performance.

Titanium pipe has high corrosion resistance to chloride, sulfide and ammonia. The corrosion resistance of titanium in seawater is higher than that of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, nickel base alloy. In addition, titanium is resistant to water impact.

Industrial production of titanium was started in 1948. Due to the need of Used in the manufacture of condenser tube, in seawater, suspended matter content of contaminated high water, and used in the higher velocity.

Ti based alloy with another element. Industrial production of titanium is started in 1948. Due to the need of aviation industry development, titanium industry develops at an average annual growth rate of about 8%. Titanium and titanium alloys have become corrosion resistant structural materials. In addition, titanium and titanium alloys are used for producing hydrogen storage materials and shape memory alloys.

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