Application of titanium in transplantation

Artificial joint and artificial bone substitute materials should have the following basic properties: lightweight materials, biocompatibility, and corrosion resistance. In addition, the deterioration of the tissue response to implants occurred in vivo does not cause material damage, fatigue, repetitive stress and other properties.
The most important performances of metal implant are forming, machine and polishing, and it must maintain the function in the expected lifetime. In addition, it can't deteriorate in fatigue, abrasion, corrosion and subjected to impact load, titanium and titanium alloy all meet the above requirements.
Surgical transplant material must use the specified titanium which is based on the pure titanium and Ti-6Al-4VELI alloy. Recently, Ti-6Al-7Nb and Ti-13Nb1-13Zr which are good transplantation material combined with the human body also have achieved the ASTM accreditation standards.
If the titanium plate is made of artificial bone, cells can be recycled in the personhood, and bone can also growth. What's more, titanium has good dear nature with human bone, epithelial, create the organization. In order to improve the surface quality of the implants connected to human bone, it is a more effective method to make the bioceramic coating on the roughening surface.
At present, titanium and titanium alloy, titanium equipment, titanium coil, titanium heat exchanger, titanium evaporator and  titanium reactor have been widely used in artificial bone and joint, artificial bone, joint, foot bones fixation, intramedullary nail, artificial heart valve, skull etc.. According to statistics, the demand of the titanium alloy artificial joint is more than 5000 sets each year in China, and the clinical application effect is very good.
The elastic modulus of medical titanium alloy is closer to human bones than the stainless steel, so it is more suitable for human orthopedic operation.
In orthopedic surgery, the Ti Ni shape is often used to memory alloy. Research shows that NT-SMA is a new material which has corrosion resistance, wear resistance of shape memory effect, the pseudo elastic and acoustic damping performance and integration. What’s more, it is more and more widely applied in the department of orthopedics. Except for the commonly used plate, intramedullary nail, internal fixation, mandibular scoliosis correction etc., Changhai Hospital of Shanghai has conducted a series of clinical application and design of NT-SMA, such as NT- patellar concentrator, NT- nail, NT- arch arc fork, NT- helicopter unit (designed for sacral reconstruction and Design), and it has obtained the satisfactory curative effect.
For the titanium alloy material having been applied in the human body, in order to benefit for the people of the whole world, all nations are still make continuous efforts to explore, to seek a new titanium alloy which is more safe and reliable.