The titanium alloy in daily life

When we mentioned the titanium alloy, you may think that as a rare metal, it should be used in the military, in fact, the titanium alloy is also very common in daily life, such as the titanium alloy shelf.
Titanium alloy shelf is widely used in gift display, automotive supplies display, cosmetic display, famous cigarettes and wine display, drug display, arts and crafts display, crystal products display, hotel supplies display, cultural goods display, car models display, plastic product display, factory products display, the sample hall of foreign trade companies,  and the enterprise fair.
It is a high-grade display shelf, the main frame is made of titanium alloy material, you can use glass, wood and lens to decorate on around. It has some advantages of convenient assembly and disassembly, superb display effect, strong bearing, lightweight, beautiful, corrosion resistance, antioxidant, repeatedly using and so on. It also can be customized according to the needs of users.
Due to the characteristics of light weight and high strength of titanium alloy, so it can be molded into a variety of shapes, so that the display and combination have the greatest flexibility. So the structure is firm, the assembly is free, the disassembly and transportation are convenient, so it is popular and favored in the arts and crafts, jewelry, medicine, communication equipment, department stores and other industries.