The magic health function of titanium ring

As a kind of rare metal element, titanium is very important in the industry. Titanium this material has superior resistance to all kinds of corrosion, it also has the good corrosion resistance ability to the organic substances, such as alkali, chloride, chlorine, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and so on.
As a health care product, titanium ring can eliminate fatigue, promote the body's metabolism, strengthen blood circulation in the body, help sleep and so on, which is more suitable for the elderly population. Are these  bracelets and necklaces made of metal titanium so magical as the legendary?
In fact, titanium ring is just a health care jewelry, titanium has special current characteristics, which can sort out the chaotic body current and stabilize the current to make it orderly flow in the body, not only the muscles will be soft, and even the blood circulation will become better, so that dilate the capillary, and promote metabolism, so the movements of body become smooth. Therefore, the use of titanium products can make mental and muscle relax and improve the motor function.
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