The development of titanium tube in power plant

The power generation equipment, especially one side with the lower temperature of thermal cycling, provides an ideal environment for the use of titanium. In 1957, Cotton and Downing first publicly raised the issue in the paper, they estimated the corrosion resistance of titanium to seawater, in the flowing seawater, the corrosion rate was 1 m per 1250 years. They also showed in their paper that titanium has high corrosion resistance in seawater, and it also has high corrosion resistance in wet steam, which is generally accepted.
Due to the performance of the titanium tube, a long time ago, it is considered as the surface condenser tube of the power plant to cool the steam discharged from the steam turbine generator. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the samples of titanium tube were installed in the condenser for industrial test, after a few years, checked some pipes in the condenser, it immediately can be seen the good applicability of titanium. When the welding pipe entered the market, it is recognized immediately to be applied to the condenser. As the test sample again, the welding titanium tube is installed in the condenser air of removal section and the auxiliary equipment. In 1972, the first power generation equipment which is full use of titanium tube to manufacture for the condenser finally began to put into operation. Then, this kind of condenser increased rapidly in the nuclear power plant and the power plant.