The performance characteristics of titanium tube

1. High specific strength
The strength of pure titanium is close to that of ordinary steel, and the strength of some titanium alloy is greater than that of many alloy steels, so the strength of titanium is greater than that of many other materials. It can produce high strength and rigid parts, such as the architecture of current aircraft engine, fasteners, skeleton and falling frame, etc., which are all made of titanium alloy material.
2. High thermal strength
The application temperature of titanium tube is several hundred times higher than the temperature of aluminum alloy, the medium temperature can meet its strength.
3. Good corrosion resistance
In humid environment and the medium of sea water, the corrosion of titanium tube is much greater than that of stainless steel. The resistance to all kinds of corrosion is particularly strong. It also has excellent corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid, alkali, nitric acid, etc.
4. Good low temperature performance
Titanium pipe can not only maintain its mechanical properties under low temperature and super low temperature, but also it is a very important low temperature structural material.
5. Large chemical activity
The chemical activity of titanium is very large, and it will produce very strong chemical reaction with ammonia, water vapor and so on. When the temperature is high, it will form a hard surface. When the hydrogen content is large, it will form a brittle layer. The chemical affinity is large, and it is easy to be stained with the surface of friction.