The clinical application of titanium plate

Titanium plate has strong chemical stability and good biocompatibility, which is commonly used in medical implants. When set a broken bone, the fixed materials are not carbon fiber and medical stainless steel, because the hardness of carbon fiber is more close to the hardness proportion of human bone, but in clinical application, its fiber bundle is easy to cause a split, which can hurt the human body tissue, what’s more, the processing is cockamamie and the cost is high. The reaction of stainless steel implantation is much greater than that of titanium plate, so it is very difficult to be applied in clinical medicine. So in general, people choose the titanium plate and titanium alloy implants as implant material in medical, at present, it is not found to have adverse effects on the human body.
Generally speaking, titanium plate implantation can be implanted into the body and is not removed, but after all, it is implanted in the body, which will produce a physiological response, if the age is too small to consider removing titanium plate implantation, the old can be implanted into the body without removing.