Can titanium tube be used at low temperature

As a rare metal element, Titanium’s performance is far more than we have seen, the general power generation equipment, especially its lower side of thermal cycling temperature, provides an ideal environment for the use of titanium.
It is possible to develop a type of new titanium alloy tube at higher temperature, which has a greater potential for saving the metal and improving the efficiency compared with the low temperature and high strength titanium alloy tube we studied. The goal of the future is to develop a titanium tube, it’s using temperature can reach 650 degrees, which can be used for the high pressure turbine wheel, it can reduce the 20% of the weight compared with the common turbine wheel.
However, with the increase of working temperature, it will bring more new problems, such as surface oxidation, long-term mass production stability, friction corrosion, fire hazard and the stress corrosion, etc.. Some problems can be solved by the method of surface coating or surface treatment, therefore, the current study of this aspect is actively carried out.
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