Titanium Spot Price

In view of international aspects, according to the British metal bulletin displays, last Friday the international titanium iron market was stable. The mainstream titanium spot price was 5.7-5.8 dollars / kg of titanium.

In consideration of the market insists to maintain the titanium spot price being clear, in face of strong quoted price of titanium manufacturers, the possibility of titanium iron market continuing to decline in the near future is small. Titanium raw material market remains stable. The mainstream   quoted price of titanium concentrate is 250-350 dollars / ton in Austrilia.

As for the domestic aspects, titanium concentrate transactions are weak. Titanium manufacturers are facing greater downward pressure when quoting. But the ore price will be supported by the mine operators starting to reduce titanium producing after a continuous decline. At the same time, the downstream titanium pigment market is temporarily stable, which also benefits the titanium mineral prices keeping stable. It is expected that in the short term, titanium price will remain low while looking rise in price. At present, in the Panxi area, maintream prices of 46% of titanium concentrate are 980-1000 yuan / ton. In Yunnan region, maintream prices of titanium concentrate are 920-970 yuan / ton.
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