Industrial Pure Titanium Plate Forging Skills

What are industrial pure titanium plate forging skills at home and abroad?

Titanium plate is one kind of titanium products in which boron is the main alloying element. Adding very small amounts of boron element, the hardenability of titanium can be significantly improved. In addition, the boron element can also improve the high temperature strength and creep strength of heat-resistant titanium. Boron element is also able to improve the red hardness and cutting capacity of high speed titanium.

In the past 10 years, the titanium factories at home and abroad continued to accelerate the research, development and production of titanium plate. Titanium plate forging skills are continuously improved and types of titanium plate are constantly expanding. Titanium plate was made by smelting titanium, quenching outside the furnace, continuous casting, the subsequent rolling and heat treatment. So it is particularly important for titanium plate producers to manipulate the industrial pure titanium plate forging skills.

Titanium plates can be devided into alloy layout titanium plate, low alloy  titanium plate with high strength and boron spring titanium plate. The alloy layout titanium plate is more applied. The alloy layout titanium plate basically includes modulation titanium plate, surface treatment titanium plate and cold deformation titanium plate. Among these titanium plates, modulation titanium plate has high strength, high resistance, good wear and corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Modulation titanium plate can be used in automobile, tractor, machine tools, mining machines, power station equipment, etc..
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