Titanium products has the urgent need in the market

 Titanium is one of physical performance of titanium . Titanium have many forms, such as titanium wire, titanium bar, titanium pipe, titanium foil and others. Titanium is processed by alkalizing and the appearance of titanium is white and has the smooth surface.
Titanium has many excellent properties, like high temperature resistance wear resistance, acid resistance. Melting point of titanium is 1942k. The intensity of titanium is large. The tensile of titanium can reach as high as 180kg/mm2.The specification of titanium alloy is higher than that of quality steel.
 Titanium is widely used in chemical, petroleum, welding, aerospace and other industries. Sanhui supply the titanium according the custom drawings. Titanium price is high, so the titanium product price also has the high price. Zhengzhou Sanhui can provide the titanium with reasonable price. Demand for titanium for titanium grow fast, so many foreign company buy the titanium. Zhengzhou Sanhui is professional company manufacture kinds of titanium products. Welcome to come to us consulting the titanium products.