Titanium Tube Classifications

At present, titanium pipe is one of more widely used metal pipe fittings in  the high-end industry. As for titanium tube classifications, titanium tube can be generally divided into seamless titanium tube and welded titanium tube. So what are the differences between these two different titanium tubes: seamless titanium alloy tube and welded titanium alloy tube.

1, Welded titanium alloy tube is one kind of hollow titanium tube with circular or square section. Welded titanium tube is also known as hollow cold-forming titanium tube. Welded titanium tube is made of hot-rolled or  cold-rolled titanium sheet or titanium belt by cold winding process and high frequency welding. In addition to the thick wall, the angle scale and the edge straightness of welded titanium alloy pipe all reach and even surpass theses of electric resistance welding cold forming titanium alloy tube. Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd can produce the specific welded titanium tube according to the customers’ requirements. 

2, Seamless titanium alloy tube is one kind of long strip of titanium material which has a hollow section and has no surrounding seams. Seamless titanium alloy tube is made of titanium bar by adopting corresponding process after four surfaces of malaxation. Seamless titanium alloy tube has a hollow section and seamless titanium alloy tube is widely used as pipeline to convey fluid. Seamless titanium tube is firstly used to transport liquid. In addition, seamless titanium tube is also applied in hydraulic support, mechanical layout, furnace tube of mesolow and high pressure cookers, heat exchange tube, gas, oil and other industries. Seamless titanium tube is firmer than the welded titanium tube and will not have crack.

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