Titanium In The Human Body

Titanium has pro-biological property. Titanium in the human body can resist the corrosion of secretion and is non-toxic.

Titanium has lightweight and high strength. About 70% of the world titanium production is used in aerospace. Good biocompatibility, low expansion coefficient, high durability and non magnetic make titanium become the precious raw material of artificial bone. Titanium wire, titanium bar, titanium pipe, titanium plate can all be applied in the temporary and long-term human body rehabilitation.

Since titanium is adaptable to any sterilizing method, so titanium is widely used to make medical apparatus and instruments. Titanium is used to produce artificial hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint, skull. When titanium bones are surrounded by new muscle fibre, These titanium bones begin to maintain the normal activity of human body.

Titanium is widely distributed in human body. Titanium in the human body can stimulate swallowing cells to boost your immune system.

Titanium ring becomes the first choice of majority of women because of fine polishing, good glossiness, cool modelling, simple design.

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