Titanium Alloy Heart Bracket

What is the titanium alloy heart bracket? Titanium alloy heart bracket using used in operation looks like net wall metal thin tube.

The weight of small heart bracket is even less than 1/10000 grams. At early stage, titanium alloy heart bracket had varied shapes, such as reticulate titanium alloy heart bracket, tubular titanium alloy heart bracket, annular titanium alloy heart bracket, winding titanium alloy heart bracket; There are heart brackets made of tantalum alloy, tantalum and nickel titanium alloy and other materials. At present, titanium alloy tubular heart bracket is the most widely used heart bracket after repeated study and practice. Of course, the pipe shaft of titanium alloy heart bracket is refined according to the needs of different treatment.

According to statistics, so far there are more than 100 million people that have been implanted titanium alloy heart brackets in the world.

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