What industry are titanium anodes used in

At present, due to many advantages of titanium anode performance, titanium anode products are used in many fields, for example, Electric chemical, metallurgy, water treatment, environmental protection, sodium hypochlorite generator, chlorine dioxide generator, electroplating, electrochemical synthesis, cathodic protection, electrodialysis, electrolytic pickling plate, metal foil production, and other electrochemical electrolysis industry, electric industry, metallurgical industry, chlor alkali industry, sodium hypochlorite, perchlorate, sulfate electrolysis, hospital sewage treatment, woolen mill wastewater treatment, dyeing wastewater, oil wastewater, manganese dioxide production, waste battery recycling, ink production wastewater.

Titanium anodes are widely used in many fields, then, what are the advantages of titanium anode in terms of performance?

1.The size of anode is stable, the distance between electrodes in the electrolysis process is not changed, which can ensure the stability of the tank voltage.
2.Low voltage, low power consumption, DC power consumption can be reduced by 10-20%.
3.Titanium anode has long service life and strong corrosion resistance.
4.The solution problems of the graphite anode and lead anode can be overcome, and the contamination of the electrolyte and the cathode product can be avoided.
5.High current density, low over potential, high catalytic activity of electrode, which can effectively improve the production efficiency.
6.In chlor alkali production, using titanium anode, the product has high quality, the chlorine has high purity, excluding Co2, the alkali concentration is high, which can save steam for heating, and save the energy.
7.The short circuit problem of the lead electrode can be avoided, and the current efficiency can be improved.
8.The shape is easy to produce, which can be high precision.
9.Titanium substrate can be reused.
10.The low over potential make the bubble of the electrode surface and the electrode be easy to be eliminated, and the voltage of the electrolytic cell can be reduced effectively.