The application of titanium alloy rod

Titanium connecting rod that is made of titanium alloy rod, especially Ti-6AL-4V alloy rods is used in the automotive engine, which not only is wearable and has light weight, can reduce the weight of the car, but also is well-known by many automobile companies.

Afterwards, titanium is also used in titanium spring seat, exhaust muffler and tail gas barrel. Of course, titanium bars are used as a stir bar, fasteners and so on in the chemical industry because of its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics.

In the food industry, because of its low toxicity, non polluting characteristics, titanium is made into titanium bars and is widely used in many fields.

In addition, the superior performance of titanium has also aroused the concern of the medical profession, It contributes to its strength for the development of medicine, for the health of human beings.