Why does the titanium plate crack after welding

Why does the titanium plate crack after welding? Titanium screws manufacturers will introduce it to you in the following.

1. Insufficient cleaning during welding leads to excessive impurities, resulting in small liquefaction cracks (which cannot be checked at one time of PT), which becomes the root of delayed cracks under the influence of a small amount of H.
2. Titanium plate welding environment is not qualified, Fe ion content is too high, which leads to weld cracking directly.

Therefore, the titanium screw manufacturer reminds the welding of titanium plates to require standardized steps:
1. Carbon steel groove 35 degrees, plus or minus 5 degrees (that is, about 60-70 degrees to the interface).
2. Welded carbon steel
3. Root cleaning
4. Welding titanium plate
5. If the surface requirements are high, the welds will be polished.

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