What about the hardness of titanium alloy screws?

Titanium alloy has low hardness, which is only about 1/4 of No. 45 steel, but the strength of titanium alloy is very good, so the whole material elastic modulus is very small, that is, the elasticity is large.

In addition to the hardness of the titanium alloy higher than stainless steel, the finished products are much lighter in weight than ordinary stainless steel screws. In addition, the wear resistance performance of the titanium alloy screw and nut thread hard may also be higher than the general stainless steel, but not easily slip teeth, material stability of titanium alloy itself is also very high, it has good oxidation resistance.

Some titanium alloy hardness difference is big, so the titanium alloy screw must use good material, good titanium alloy just has the same hardness of steel.

In the life, the screw is really a lot, but the titanium alloy screw is the root of the understanding. Such as this screw withstanding high strength components, I proposed that it could not use aluminum, which is easy to take off, and to use titanium alloy screws.