Surface quality requirements for titanium sheets

Titanium plate manufacturers introduce the surface quality requirements of titanium sheets: 

1. The surface of titanium plate should be smooth and metallic, and titanium sheets are mostly supplied by pickling surface, and sheet metal is also allowed to be delivered by sand blasting surface.

2. The surface of the titanium plate allows for slight dark and localized water traces, allowing for partial defects, not exceeding half of the thickness tolerances, indentations, dents, etc., but minimum thickness shall be guaranteed.

3. The surface of titanium plate is not allowed to crack, peel, oxide, fold, metal and non-metallic inclusions and other macro defects, and traces of alkaline washing.

4. The titanium plate allows the removal of local defects in the direction of rolling, but the thickness of the sheet shall not be less than the minimum allowable thickness after removal.

5. In addition, the titanium plate should not be layered.

6. The special requirements for the appearance and quality of titanium sheets can be determined by both sides of the titanium plate manufacturers.