Suggestion on titanium plate welding from titanium parts factory

At present, titanium processing industry in our country is gradually mature, domestic titanium special-shaped parts processing, titanium plate processing and other enterprises become more and more. Today, I will tell you about the welding of titanium plate.

According to titanium parts manufacturers, we learned that the current titanium plate processing density is 4.5, the color is silver gray, the size is 2 meters long, 1 meter wide, thickness is uncertain according to the actual demand. The requirements for welding are as follows:

1. Titanium plate welding surface need nonscale amd no crack, the thickness of welding is not more than 3 mm.
2. Titanium plate welding environment requirements that the welding room temperature should be between 5-30 degrees. welding room must be clean, no dust, and maintain a dry environment, the protection cover used titanium plate as far as possible.
3. The welding wire for titanium plate requires pickling surface. The welding wire should be free of cracks and oxidation free. It is better to use the same material as the base metal.
4. Titanium parts manufacturers introduced that titanium welding argon protection requirements that welding process should have three layers of protection, that is, the upper layer, the lower layer and welding torch with argon. The upper and lower layer protection personnel should follow the image area of the welding torch to protect the argon under welding high temperature and prevent oxidation. The purity of argon is 99%.