Properties and application of titanium alloy screw

Titanium screws are similar to ordinary stainless steel screws, iron screws, and copper screws, but the raw materials are different. Titanium screws are made of titanium, and general titanium materials are made of two kinds of materials: pure titanium and titanium alloy. Titanium metal elements have low density, the strength properties are better than other metal materials, compared with general metal elements, titanium element in the mining is less, so the market of titanium raw materials is relatively expensive, screw manufacturers generally have little titanium screw spot. But titanium screws produced titanium metal elements is more beautiful than other metal screws, it seems to be some high-end crafts, screw material is widely used in bicycles, cars, high-speed rail, rail and other industries.

The titanium screw has the high strength, the pure titanium tensile strength is highest, which may achieve 180kg/mm2, but because it joins other metal elements, therefore its performance of titanium alloy is weaker than the pure titanium screw. The strength of some steels is higher than that of titanium alloys, but generally speaking, the specific strength (tensile strength and density ratio) of titanium alloys is higher than that of high quality ones. Not only that, titanium screw made of titanium alloy has very good heat resistance, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness, so many of the aircraft engine parts, rockets, missiles, structural components are using titanium screws.

The performance of titanium and titanium alloy can be used as a storage tank of fuel and oxidant and pressure vessels, for example someone now have made titanium alloy into automatic rifle, launch tube mortar base plate and recoilless guns. In the petroleum industry, there are mainly various containers, reactors, heat exchangers, distillation towers, pipes, pumps and valves, etc. titanium screws, titanium materials can be used as condensers for electrodes and power stations, and environmental pollution control devices.

Titanium alloys are also widely used in instruments and meters. With the development of industrial technology, titanium metal elements have also begun to be used in medical treatment. In addition, titanium can be used as artificial bone and various instruments, titanium or steelmaking deoxidizer, and stainless steel and alloy steel component. Titanium dioxide is a good material for paints. Titanium carbide, carbon (hydrogen) titanium material is a new type of hard alloy material. Titanium nitride is nearly gold in color and widely used in decoration.