Application of Functional Titanium Alloy

What are the functional titanium alloy? Today titanium plate manufacturers will tell you about it.

Function titanium alloy not only has the high specific strength, non magnetic, corrosion resistance and other advantages like titanium, but also has special function, so it is widely used in the medical, energy, automatic control, expanding the scope of application, the increasing importance.

The titanium plate manufacturers understand some special functions of titanium alloys, which mainly is titanium nickel series shape memory alloy, titanium series hydrogen storage alloy, titanium niobium series superconducting alloy, biological engineering titanium alloy. Ti Ni shape memory alloy (SMA) is a kind of shape memory alloy series with good memory effect and practicability. The main components are Ti-Ni, Ti-Ni-X (X is a small amount of aluminum, iron, cobalt, platinum, palladium, copper). Ti Ni shape memory alloy (SMA) can be used as shape memory material, as well as super elastic material, biological engineering material and wear-resistant material.

Biological engineering titanium alloy is a kind of metal material with good corrosion resistance and low density in biological engineering. There are two kinds of compact and porous metal. Among them, Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-5Al-2.5Fe, Ti-Ni is mostly used for titanium bone, bone plates, medical orthopedic rods, orthopedic wire, planting roots, blood filters, medical equipment.

Titanium plate manufacturers were informed that titanium alloy hydrogen storage alloy is relatively mature titanium, iron and manganese. Ti Fe Mn hydrogen storage alloys can be activated at room temperature for hydrogen absorption and hydrogen release. Titanium iron manganese alloy is rich in raw material and low in cost. The hydrogen fuel storage has been used in automobile and other aspects.